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Phosphine Products

The worlds most trusted fumigant products

Fintran is the exclusive distribution and service agent for Detia Degesch fumigants in Australia. Detia Degesch Phosphine fumigants are produced in Germany under exacting quality standards and are marketed globally under the Phostoxin® and Magtoxin®  brands. Phostoxin and Magtoxin fumigant products are used world-wide in the control of stored product pests.


Fintran supplies Phostoxin and Magtoxin fumigant products and fumigation know-how to bulk storage and handling co-operatives and licenced fumigation service providers in Australia. Sales of Phostoxin and Magtoxin products to mini-bulk handlers, grain growers and other primary producers is handled by our exclusive partner Grain Protect.


Phostoxin products are available in tablet and blanket form and Magtoxin is in available in plate form.

Phostoxin Aluminium Phosphide Blankets

Phostoxin blanket products contain 57% Aluminium Phosphide as the active constituent and inert components that facilitate the controlled release of Phosphine gas. Phostoxin blanket products do not contain Ammonium Carbamate. The Phostoxin blanket formulation is contained in a special Tyvek material characterised by high levels of strength and elasticity. The Tyvek bag is only permeable to water vapour and Phosphine and its practically impermeable to water in the liquid state making Phostoxin blanket products safe to use.


Phostoxin blanket products are available in varying sizes ranging from individual bags of 34 grams to a full blanket (100 x bags) of 3.4 kilograms. Each Phostoxin bag weighs 34 grams and releases 11.3 grams of Phosphine gas. 

Phostoxin blanket products have the following advantages over other Phosphine products:

  • Each product is individually sealed in a foil package.

  • Products deliver 0ppm of Phosphine gas upon opening of the foil package.

  • Products have a reduced risk of flashing- compound is produced under stable conditions in Germany.

  • All products generate the true amount of Phosphine gas.

The use of Phostoxin blanket products in Australia is limited by the details contained in its registered label - see link.

Phostoxin Aluminium Phosphide Tablets

Phostoxin tablets contain Aluminium Phosphide as the active ingredient allowing for the controlled release of Phosphine gas. Depending upon temperature and humidity, Phostoxin tablets release phosphine gas slowly upon exposure to moisture in the air. Phosphine gas readily penetrates many kinds of packing material as well as densely packed commodities and can control all developmental stages of stored product pests. Phosphine gas may also be used to control rodents in certain situations.

Phostoxin Aluminium Phosphide tablets are available in 1 kilogram flasks, with each flask containing 333 tablets. Each Phostoxin Aluminium Phosphide tablet weighs 3 grams and releases 1 gram of Phosphine gas. 21 flasks of Phostoxin tablets are packed in a carton.​

The use of Phostoxin tablets in Australia is limited by the details contained in its registered label - see link.

Magtoxin Magnesium Phosphide Plates:

Magtoxin plates are Phosphine based formulations which release Phosphine gas upon exposure to atmospheric moisture. Magtoxin plates have the added advantage of being able to generate Phosphine gas in lower temperature environments and a purer form of Phosphine gas is generated as compared with other Aluminium Phosphide products. Magtoxin plates are generally used for the fumigation of higher value commodities such as spices, tobacco, and pet food products.

The active ingredients in Magtoxin plates are embedded in an inert, plastic matrix in the form of a semi-rigid plate covered on both sides with a moisture-permeable paper. Each plate is individually sealed in a sealed foil pouch.

A single Magtoxin plate delivers 33 grams of Phosphine gas.

The use of Magtoxin plates in Australia is limited by the details contained in its registered label - see link.

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